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Michel Bourgery

Rail & Shipping

​Michel Bourgery is a seasoned shipping and rail transportation financier with 35+ years of experience.

​After 10 years as a chartered engineer in the oil and gas and nuclear sectors, Michel set up the shipping finance practice of BNP Paribas where he reviewed in excess of 5,000 credit and investment transactions spanning from ships to container boxes and freight rail wagons. He was a credit delegation holder and set up the Basel system for the multi-billion USD portfolio, spread over a worldwide network of offices.

​From 2007 to 2009, Michel was the Head of Corporate Finance at DVB Bank SE, a bank specialising in air, sea and land transportation, where he developed a deep understanding of capital markets and of private and public investors.

Michel then moved to become the CFO of a (now US-listed) shipping company​ whilst developing his own advisory and consultancy practice.

He is a senior expert at Third Bridge, a major provider of industrial research and knowledge to investors.

Since 2011, Michel has been an advisor to the board of VesselsValue, a web-based big data disrupter providing on-line valuation, intelligence and mapping services.


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