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Prospective Themes

Prospective themes impacting investment opportunities

The Agency of Greenwashing - Gianfranco Gianfrate, Marco Ghitti, Lorenza Palm - An EDHEC-Risk Institute Working Paper [February 28, 2022]
View File No-Fly-Zone - The cost of international sanctions to investors in Russia airports [March 21, 2022]
View File ESG Impact European Transport Presentation, Andrea Marmolejo [August 26, 2021]
View Site The Volatility of Unlisted Infrastructure Investments - Valuation drivers and trends 2000-2021 - EDHEC Infrastructure Institute [May 11, 2021]
View File What impact should we expect from socially responsible investing? EDHEC-RISK Institute - By Jonathan Harris, Director, Total Portfolio Project and EDHEC-Risk Associate Researcher [April 6, 2021]
View File Measuring and Managing ESG Risks in Sovereign Bond Portfolios and Implications for Sovereign Debt Investing - EDHEC-RISK Institute - Lionel Martellini, Lou-Salomé Vallée [April 6, 2021]
View File Climate change and credit risk - EDHEC-RISK Institute - Giusy Capasso, Gianfranco Gianfrate, Marco Spinelli [March 10, 2020]
View File The world after cover-19: Putting values above valuations - Mark Carney - By invitation of The Economist [April 18, 2020]
View File The green revolution : ESG and Asset Management - 99 ADVISORY [January 21, 2020]
View File The DeCarbonisation Factor, A New Academic Fiction? EDHEC -Scientific Beta - "Advanced Factor & ESG Investing" [January 21, 2020]
View File Non-bank lending in the European Union - The development of alternative sources of finance within the European Union (EU) is an important component of the European Commission’s Capital Markets Union (CMU) initiative. [February 26, 2019]
View File One picture is better than 585 pages [November 28, 2018]
View File Financing the Economy 2018 - The role of private credit managers in supporting economic growth [November 14, 2018]
View File Financing the Economy 2017 - The role of private credit managers in supporting economic growth [October 4, 2017]
View File Internet Trends 2017 - Code Conference - Mary Meeker, May 31, 2017 - Kleiner Perkins [June 5, 2017]
View File The Ocean Economy in 2030, OECD Publishing 2016 [May 25, 2016]
View Site The Risk of Automation for Jobs in OECD Countries: A Comparative Analysis, OECD Social, Employment and Migration Working Papers, No. 189, OECD Publishing (Arntz, M., T. Gregory and U. Zierahn 2016) [May 20, 2016]
View File Delivering Sustainable Growth - Environmental Services Association (ESA) report - May 2016 [May 10, 2016]
View File 2016 GIIN Annual Impact Investor Survey [May 2, 2016]
View File Private Capital for Sustainable Development - Concepts, Issues and Options for Engagement in Impact Investing and Innovative Finance [February 1, 2016]
View File

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