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A&P Operating Company Transportation Equipment Index

The A&P Transportation Equipment Index, (“A&P OCTE Index”) is an equally weighted index of listed companies who operate exclusively in the transportation Sector. The A&P OCTE Index was launched on the 2nd May 2016 and is composed of 9 index members. To be considered for the index, the index constituents must manufacture, own & operate transportation equipment assets with a focus on Rail, River & Seaways. Transportation equipment must include assets such as railcars, river barges, sea containers and other storage facilities. Eligible constituents must have been actively manufacturing & operating leased assets for a minimum of 5 years and have a market capitalisation of more than 25 mln USD. The constituents must also operate their businesses out of an FATF approved country. The A&P OCTE index performance is calculated on a price performance of the underlying index constituents.

A&P OCTE Index Members

CAI International
FreightCar America
Greenbrier Leasing Corp
Triton International Ltd
Textainer Group Holdings Ltd
Touax Group
Trinity Industries

A&P OCTE Index Monthly Performance

2016 -15.06%-0.31%11.11%4.40%-4.94% -4.90% 6.49% -0.20% -3.16% -4.19% 21.01% -1.11%4.78%
201724.44% -0.84% -0.90% 5.32% -2.75% 12.45% 3.74% 4.86% 3.30% 6.58% -1.72% -0.43%65.06%
2018-1.05% -11.21% 1.05%0.11%9.74%-4.18%7.54%0.55%-4.64%-4.15%-0.04%-13.06%-19.73%


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